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Cat Breeds List Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World. Persian cat -price : $500 — $5,500 Fifth comes the Persian ... They live in harmony with other pets. 7. Russian Blue cat-price : $400 — $3,000 Seventh place is for Russian Blue. These cats are known to be very playful , curious and intelligent .The ...

cats facts: Blue Persian Kitten
My cat brings his toys into the litter box!. I have a 13 month old red tabby Persian cat. He got neutered at five days short of one year ... Ever since I got him, he's done this thing. He has a small blue green beanie baby iguana that he absolutely ADORES. I taught him how to play fetch with it ...

Persian cats breed
Persian Cat Coat Patterns and Colors. Fanciers use the term “blue” to describe this color. Although several cat breeds share the color name, the ideal is slightly different in each. The proper Persian blue should be pale and even. The texture of the coat is soft and much more porous than ...

Persian cats breed
Pet Expo in Allentown: See animals of all shapes and sizes. The expo will host the International Cat Association Champion Cat Show Saturday and Sunday, at which visitors can see breeds ranging from blue-eyed Siamese to long-haired Persian. Each cat will be judged on how well it fits the set standards of its breed.

Specifically Type of Cats Himalayan Cat - Persian+Siamese Breeds ...
Himalayan Persian Cat Colors. Gracefully draped atop a sofa or curled in your favorite chair, the presence of a Himalayan Persian cat enhances any decor ... Persians disqualifies white toes and any eye color other than blue. The Himalayan Point Pattern and the Himalayan Lynx Point ...
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