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Himalayan Persian Cat - Pets Cute and Docile The Himalayan Persian. The Himalayan Persian cat is one of the most beloved of pedigreed cats. Enjoyed and appreciated by judges, pet owners and breeders, over 343,000 Himalayans have been registered since 1957. In 1998 there were 2,428 Himalayans shown; that is an average of 5 ...

Specifically Type of Cats Himalayan Cat - Persian+Siamese Breeds ...
5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Himalayan Cat. Although the parent breeds to the Himalayan, the Persian and the Siamese, are naturally occurring, this cat came as a result of human intervention. Breeders desired a cat with the coat of a Persian, but wanted to develop a cat with the blue eyes and ...

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Himalayan Persian Cat Colors. Gracefully draped atop a sofa or curled in your favorite chair, the presence of a Himalayan Persian cat enhances any decor, much like a work of art. Bred in an array of colors, this masterpiece of a feline is not only beautiful, but also has a wonderfully ...

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Himalayan Cat Pictures. In theory, a Himalayan should have the same body type, coat and personality as a Persian cat. In fact, it was routine interbreeding with Persians to preserve that body type that led the Himi back to inclusion in the Persian breed. Some Himis do look a bit ...

Himalayan Persian Cat - Pets Cute and Docile
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