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Patience IN everything: INSTAGRAM FOR CAT LOVERS Turkish van / angora mix ?. My cat was advertised as a persian female in Romania, turns out hes a tom and a Turkish Van / Angora mix at least that's what I can tell so far also without papers etc and the breeder mentioned that his father was from Hungary. Anyway hes a year old now ...

Angora Cat ~ Anatolian Cat
Information on Ragdoll Cats. ... cat was introduced by a Californian Persian cat breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s. There are many theories surrounding the origin of this breed. One theory is that Baker bred her female Persian and Angora mix cat named Josephine to a Seal Point Birman.

Persian Cat Wallpapers | Animals Library
Selecting and Showing Your Domestic Longhair Cat. As colorful and diverse as their shorthaired kin, these luxuriously furred cats come in every shape, size, color and pattern. Longhaired cats are frequently, but incorrectly, called Persian or Angora cats ... with their healthy mix of genes and diverse ...

Angora Cat ~ Anatolian Cat
Why Do All My Instagram Cats Keep Dying?. A lumbering, long-haired Himalayan-Persian mix with the bearing of ... Slave Beast Then came Caspar, a beautiful white Turkish Angora who goes by the handle “@LittlePiecesofCat” (which he shares with another cat of indeterminate relationship, named ...

Turkish Van ~ Anatolian Cat
Cat Pictures. Emmily the medium haired gray cat—”Hey... Leggo of my ear!” Shadow is a Blue-Ribbon White Persian/alley cat mix jumping over the baby gate ... This is Buttions, a 10-year-old Turkish Angora. His birthday is July 4,1991. His owner says, "He's the ...
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