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Persian Cat - Pets Cute and Docile Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World. Persian cat -price : $500 — $5,500 Fifth comes the Persian ... It is also among the most popular breed of cat registered in the UK. British Shorthair cats are a very popular breed in cat shows. They have a stable character, making them perfect for ...

Exotic Short hair Cat. ~ Nature World
Cat has enjoyed peeing/pooping on floor for YEARS. Since our persian had just died and she wanted a new one ... The other we hand-fed for a few weeks (he's now a healthy short-hair cat -- not purebred after all, what a surprise!) Anyway, so Belle's always had (understandable) trust issues.

Cat in the world: Origin of European shorthair cat
7 Fuzzy Facts About Exotic Shorthair Cats. EXOTIC SHORTHAIRS ARE MELLOW CATS. Persians are so placid that they’re often referred to as “furniture with fur.” The Exotic Shorthair has a similarly mellow personality, but thanks to its shorthair ancestors, it's a lot livelier than the Persian.

Exotic Shorthair Cats - Pets Cute and Docile
5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Exotic Shorthair. ... as basically being a shorthaired version of the Persian, but what else do you think you might know about this popular breed? Take a look at our 5 things you didn’t know about the Exotic Shorthair cat breed: This is a common phrase used to describe ...

Exotic Shorthair. | Lovelycats
Exotic Shorthair. Originating from the longhaired Persian cats, the Exotic Shorthair cat was specifically bred in order to create a shorthaired version of this popular cat. The appeal of the Exotic Shorthair is that they have the classic look of a Persian, along with their ...
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