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Persian cats breed Persian Cat Face Grooming and Cleaning Tips. Also, when the tears come in contact with the air, they are oxidized and turn brown, staining the under-eye with a tough, gluey substance. To keep your cat comfortable, you need to keep this area clean. Wipe your Persian’s eyes with a damp, clean cloth ...

How To Care Persian Cat
How to Care for the Eyes of Persian Cats. you can diminish this and keep your Persian cat's eyes healthier and cleaner. Wash your hands well with soap and water. Bacteria or viruses on your hands can transfer to your cat's eyes. Dampen a soft, clean cloth or cotton ball in warm water. Place your ...

Sweet Purrfections: Keeping Our Tushies Clean with earthbath ...
Persian cat and watering eyes - HELP!. ... way to help them is to keep them clean with a damp cloth and use artificial tears to keep the eyes free of debris. Sandie is right - I have rescued Persians who were from kitten mills, overbred or pet store kittens that have had the most horrible eye ...

Welcome to the menagerie: Wordless Wednesday: Persian cat and ...
How to Get Rid of Tear Duct Stains in Persian Cats. Persians ... clean any old ones first. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap to remove any dirt or germs; a Persian's eyes are somewhat fragile, and can easily be infected if touched by dirty hands. Trim or clip the hair around your cat's ...

How To Care Persian Cat
Choosing And Caring For Your New Persian Cat. Care for the cat’s eyes and ears as well. Gently wipe any tears or matting from the eyes twice a day. Check the ears for any sign of dirt or mites when you brush the cat and clean the ... acquiring the Persian to seek advice on keeping your new pet ...
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