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Persian Cats Information The cat that loves hide-and-seek: Persian pussy named Lucky who squeezes into vases and tiny cupboards becomes an Instagram star. Lucky the cat may be hopeless at playing hide and seek, but his adorable face has made him an internet sensation. Denise Luyckx, 28, a dental hygienist who lives in Holland, bought Lucky to keep her company after her boyfriend tragically died in an accident.

Persian Cats Information
This cat was weighed down by five pounds of matted fur. Now he’s a rising Internet star.. When Sinbad the cat showed up at the Anti-Cruelty Society, an animal shelter in Chicago, he weighed more than 11 pounds. Five pounds of that was fur. The 8-year-old Persian’s hair was gray, matted and laced with excrement and maggots. It was a shocking ...

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Meet Cezar, the world’s first ‘sheep cat’ and he has some of the strangest fur we’ve seen. The Internet dubbed Cezar the world’s first Sheep Cat but he’s actually a Persian cat living in Serbia. This fluffball has some serious catitude. Super powers include staring directly into your soul with hellfire-colored eyes and summoning the wind to ...

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Miserable Cat With 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur Undergoes Incredible Transformation. After suffering beneath a crippling pile of his own hair, a rescue cat is starting the New Year on a well-groomed foot ― and in a new home. Sinbad, a Persian feline, underwent a remarkable transformation after his rescue last month from an elderly man ...

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Neglected Persian cat rescued from 5 pounds of his own fur. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - Weighed down by five pounds of matted fur, a once-neglected cat now has a new stride in its step and a huge following on social media. His name is Sinbad and he's captured the internet's heart. The nine year old Persian has more than ...
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