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Siberian cat Wallpapers | Free Animal Wallpapers Caturday: Siberian Cats. A Siberian Cat has a heavy, semi-long-haired coat, a strong, robust body, and a medium head shape (neither “pointy” like a Siamese, nor “flattened” like a Persian). An adult Siberian Cat will have a long and very fluffy tail. Here are a few ...

May-Britt sin blogg: INFO OM MASKET SIBIRKATT.
Russia, Iran Big Cat Swap Raises Questions. TEHRAN, Iran, May 24, 2010 (ENS) - The exchange of two Persian leopards from Iran with two Siberian tigers from Russia is part of an ambitious scheme to revive these big cats in their respective countries but some experts think it is a pointless publicity ...

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What is the Oldest Domestic Cat Breed? | 8 Ancient Cat Breeds. Although, I've noticed there seems to be a lot of debate about where long-haired domestic cats come from exactly. The Turkish Angora was bred with Persians for several centuries, mostly to improve the coat of the Persian ... the oldest domestic cat breed.

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All Cat Breeds. Also known as the "Sacred Cat of Burma," Birmans are colorpoint cats, meaning they have a darker color on their tail, legs, ears and face, much like the Siamese or the Himalayan division of the Persian ... but living with a Siberian cat is a rewarding ...

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8 Cat Breeds That Love Winter. The Siberian is ... white color in other cats. Their coats keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. There are two types of Persians, but the Peke-faced is probably the most well known. Originating in modern-day Iran, the Persian has a very thick ...
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