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Types of Persian Cats - Annie Many Things to Consider Before Buying a Persian Cat. However you do it, monthly bathing is essential to keeping your cat's coat clean and free of tangles. There are two types of Persian: flat-faced and traditional. The one we, as Americans, are most familiar with is the flat-faced variety. This is actually ...

Cats Information Health and Pictures: Persian Cat Behavior
Is my cat a traditional/ doll face persian??. That said, you can probably call her for somewhat a look alike an old type persian, if you want. So you have some way to compare her to, or to describe her in a few words. Eight weeks old. Poor baby. But she's a gorgeous little one. Her face is very ...

Persian Cats in the Philippines - More Than the Breed Standard
Are Persian cats in Iran today the traditional doll-faced variety, or no?. In the West, the vast majority of Persian cats are now the peke-faced variety (top picture) which was artificially-selected by Western breeders, and the original traditional variety (doll-faced, in the bottom picture) is getting increasingly rare.

Types of Persian Cats - Annie Many
The Most Popular Names for Persian Cats. Admittedly, the breed does have a certain image — and reputation — but Persians actually come in a variety of colors, and the "show" version of the cat has features that are more exaggerated than the traditional Persian. We began to wonder whether the ...

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Doll Face Persian Kittens. Doll face Persian kittens are closer to the original breed type ... Breeders who support maintaining the traditional doll face-type of Persian say health considerations are one of the strongest reasons to continue breeding for the original type.
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