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Unique Facts About the Persian Cats - Cat News 10 Fancy Facts About Persian Cats. With their trademark round faces, stocky bodies, and sumptuous coats, Persians are one of the most recognized cat breeds in the world. Here are a few facts about the fancy feline. 1. THEY WERE A TRAVELER'S SOUVENIR. Like many breeds, the Persian cat ...

Top 20 Fun Facts About Cats | Cats and Kittens 7 Cool Facts About Your Cat’s Eye Color. The same thing happens with blue-eyed cats: They have no pigment cells in their irises, and because the eye has a rounded shape, light refracts through that rounded surface and produces the blue color. Catster ... a purebred orange Persian may have dark ...

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10 Interesting Facts About Persian Immortals (If You Believe They Existed). Also known as the first Persian Empire, the civilization was founded by Cyrus ... These caravans were full of food, so they didn’t hunt the big cats because they were hungry. Instead, hunting the big cats was a form of practice that kept their battle ...

Unique Facts About the Persian Cats - Cat News
These Facts About White Cat Breeds are Quite Fur-tastic. White Persian Cat These are the most popular cats and widely ... The resultant cat produces a white coat with blue eyes. Interesting Facts About White Cat Breeds ~ It is a superstitious belief in many cultures that white cats are lucky and a sign of ...

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Persian Cat Facts. The following Persian cat facts shows how charming these cats really are. Of course, they're also exquisitely beautiful, and they make wonderful home companions. If you can keep up with the grooming on one of these luxuriously furry felines, maybe it's the ...
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