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catworld: Names for Female Persian Cats The Most Popular Names for Persian Cats. Gizmo, a name just as cute and quirky as any Persian you could hope to meet, grabbed the top spot for males (up 22 from its place on the popular cat names list). The top two names for female Persians, Princess and Precious (up 18 and 43 places respectively ...

catworld: Names for Male Persian Cats
Tussetroll and Tingeling: Fluffy Cats Find Mischief in Norway. Tussetroll and Tingeling are two cats with marvelous names who live out in Oslo, Norway. The former is a very fancy sounding Golden Shaded Persian, while his younger female friend is a striking black Scottish Fold with alluring (and almost cartoon-like ...

Guide to Choosing Girl Cat Names | Boy and Girl Cat Names and ...
What are some cute names for girl kittens?. A kitten can also be named based on her breed. Iris, Anya, Bluebelle, Jillie, Britta and Divine are ideal name choices for female Siamese kittens. Azita, Jewel, Daisy May, Spark, Ambrosia, Envy and Puff-Ball are cute name choices for a female Persian kitten.

catworld: Names for Female Persian Cats
Female Cat Names: What are the Meanings of Common Female Cat Names?. After interviewing several veterinarians about this hypothesis, it was determined that there are certain characteristics generally associated with some names. A list of the top 30 female cats names were ... Origin: Persian. The meaning is: Colorful.

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‘Poodle Cat’: New Cat Breed Discovered By Scientists. While the notion of a poodle cat might initially conjure images of a bizarre crossbreed straight out of “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” the term is actually the common name for ... one particular female kitten attracted the attention of Persian cat breeder ...
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