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catworld: Names for Male Persian Cats The cat that loves hide-and-seek: Persian pussy named Lucky who squeezes into vases and tiny cupboards becomes an Instagram star. The Instagram account @lucky-persiancat has increased in popularity with followers eager to keep up to date with the daily life of the Golden Chinchilla Persian Cat. His owner said: 'It's just the two of us at home and I bought Lucky because he has the ...

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Pet Tales: This show stars big cats and costumed kitties. A golden-beige cat wore an elaborate crown and a red ... Your cat doesn’t have to be a Maine Coon, Devon Rex, Persian, Siamese or any of the other 39 breeds recognized by CFA. There’s a household pets division, and those cats don’t need breed ...

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Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities review: Research undermined by breathless delivery. But there was no interpretative centre, no monument, just a friendly, dignified waiter and a dozen well-fed cats. Part of the charm of Istanbul ... the original settlement between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara was easily defensible and richly ...

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Persian Cats: The Silver And Golden. It has been said that in times passed the silvers were hard to handle. This is not true today. Persian cat breeders have worked hard to eliminate behavior problems. The silvers are however, described as being different in personality from Persians of other ...

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Tussetroll and Tingeling: Fluffy Cats Find Mischief in Norway. Tussetroll and Tingeling are two cats with marvelous names who live out in Oslo, Norway. The former is a very fancy sounding Golden Shaded Persian, while his younger female friend is a striking black Scottish Fold with alluring (and almost cartoon-like ...
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