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Exotic Short hair Cat. ~ Nature World Ordinary cats have their day in the spotlight at Saturday show in Newport News. American Shorthairs, Birmans and other lesser-known breeds also ... “When I started showing, the Persian cat owners were the only ones who put blood, sweat and tears into grooming,” she said. Now everyone has gotten into the act.

Persian Cat - Pets Cute and Docile
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Cat in the world: Origin of European shorthair cat
7 Fuzzy Facts About Exotic Shorthair Cats. ... ARE MELLOW CATS. Persians are so placid that they’re often referred to as “furniture with fur.” The Exotic Shorthair has a similarly mellow personality, but thanks to its shorthair ancestors, it's a lot livelier than the Persian. 5. EXOTIC ...

Welcome to the menagerie: Wordless Wednesday: Persian cat and ...
Exotic Shorthair Kitties Word Search. This is where the Exotic Shorthair cat breed comes in! Exotic Shorthair cats have all of the adorable facial features and laid back personality of the Persian cat breed without the long hair. Far less hair maintenance is required! The breed got its start ...

Exotic Shorthair Cats - Pets Cute and Docile
Exotic Shorthair. The Exotic Shorthair was created in the 1950s with the express goal of developing a cat that looked like a Persian, but without the long, high-maintenance coat. To achieve the desired appearance, crossbreeding included the American Shorthair, Burmese ...
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