Specifically Type of Cats Himalayan Cat - Persian+Siamese Breeds ...

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Specifically Type of Cats Himalayan Cat - Persian+Siamese Breeds ... Different Cat Breeds: How To Identify Pet Cats. Some of the distinct cat breeds are Persian, Siamese (with different color variations such as blue point, lilac point, chocolate point), the long-haired Himalayan (similar to the Siamese in coloration), tabby, Abyssinian, Burmese, Manx, Rex, and Russian blue.

Persian cats breed
What do you get when you breed a blue point Persian and a white alley cat?. First and foremost, you get a mixed-breed cat. Since there are more cats available than there are homes for them, indiscriminant breeding should be discouraged. The surest way to prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies is to neuter male cats and spay ...

Persian cats breed
Himalayan Persian Cat Colors. Distinct stripes, patterns or markings also define Himalayan Persian cat colors. Chocolate points have ... Their noses and paw pads are a cooler grayish-blue, with bluish-white coats. Blue-point Himalayans carry a recessive gene and are therefore more ...

Persian cats breed
Himalayan Cat Pictures. Himalayans are considered a breed in their own right in some parts of the world, while they are only considered a color variety of Persian cats in the United States ... two different facial types. This blue point Himalayan has what is known as a "doll ...

Persian cats breed
Everything That You Need to Know About Siamese and Himalayan Cats. The Himalayan is a long-haired cat with the pushed-in face of the Persian. They share some of the same color-point traits with their Siamese counterparts. The seal, chocolate, lilac and blue are all just like the Siamese points. But the Himalayan can also ...
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